Sunday, April 11, 2010

Page Rank

I don't understand what is the basis of a blog's page rank. All I just know is to check it every once in a while if my page rank is still there or not. I guess I am lucky because ever since I got a PR2 on my blog more than a year ago, I am able to maintain it and six months ago I was able to get a PR3 and still able to maintain it. I didn't do any special thing except to post here in my blog. I know many bloggers are frustrated with the way their blogs PR come and go and I can't blame them because all of us bloggers work really hard to get a PR because a higher PR means more opportunities to earn.

I sometimes heard that Search Engine Visibility can affect the way google ranks the blog. But how can we make our blogs visible in many search engines? If writing interesting topics are not enough, do we need to buy seo software just to make our blogs to be on top of search engines? Is this really effective? These are few questions that I have to know. I am still not sure about this seo thingy.

A friend of mine mentioned about a do it yourself seo. If this will not cost me nothing, I think I will be interested to learn about it. Who knows, in the end it will help improve my blog's PR.


teJan said...

weeee..ang ako kay na N/A nasad..toink!! heheh..have a nice day!

manik_reigun said...

up to now, i'm not really sure how to improve a blog's pr. i guess bloggers need lots of links and connections with other bloggers, and must link their blog to other social networks, such as facebook and twitter. i guess that would help a bit. ^^

shydub said...

well all i want is to have that PR permanently in my blog kung ipaabot ug pr10 the better waaa. ambisyosa lol.

analou said...

Somebody told me once that PR doesn't only depend on how many sites we visited a day and visited us back, posting an article everyday but most importantly, other people (not a blogger) are reading it too and find it interesting and helpful....Well, actually I am not sure if that's the reason to have a good PR........I am just glad nga akong PR naa pa japon.

Musta na u mommy Lu. Hope okay lang mo diha.

Genejosh said...

wow it's nice that you've mainted your PR mine is 0 pa rin and those blogs that I haven't posted much earned condusing for me...

BTW sis you could get a free yogurt here: blog hosted a giveaway for my 50 readers..hope you could claim yours:)

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....ambisyosa pod ko...parehas me ni mami!

maau ka mami kay na maintain jud nimo imong mga PR3....:)

laag ko't worry kay nag mask ko...ehehehe...d ko manakod sa akong pag!

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