Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting

This was the first time that Andrea participated in an Easter egg hunting. She surprised me a lot! I never thought that she would be into it because I thought she is too young for the activity.

During our Easter picnic, some of the big kids hid the eggs in the trees, in the bushes in back of chairs and everywhere around the park for the Easter egg hunting. While playing at the park, Andrea found some "hidden" eggs and she just told me " Mama egg". Well even before the Easter egg hunting started, Andrea already started her egg hunting! She had so much fun and I enjoy watching her having fun.

Anyway, I have to tell Andrea that Easter egg hunting will be in a bit and that we will find some more later....



Anne said...

Agoy ka cute sa bata kamao na mo participate sa egg hunting. Ka guapa jud si Andrea mi liwat nimo hehe... well, sorry for Dave nalang.

Anyways, enjoy jud ang picnic nimo extensionsa imung bday!

kat said...

hahaah nag enjoy pod kong Andrea dah! happy kaayo kay naka kita ug eggs...pretty kaayo imo dalagang gamay Lu

Joops said...

Kids are never too young for fun activities like these mamilu hehehehe.. Sana meron din tayo nito noon lol..

shydub said...

Ka alegre sa ilang easter sunday, kami nag sge ra painit mao gipang sip on. lili lng ko inahan adik.

Jona said...

With Love Wednesday is up in my new blog.
New WLW: I Love Easter Sunday. Nice to be back.

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