Monday, April 26, 2010

10th Photo of My Blog

I am not very good at answering and posting tags but I have to be better at this. I was tagged by Mami Dhemz of My Life's Perception and Inspiration .

This is the 10th Photo of my blog and it was posted October 13, 2008. Yes that was long ago. I had to browse my very first entry to check for the 10th photo.

This picture was taken at our kitchen. Andrea trying to climb on her walker. She just learned to climb.

Anybody who wants to grab this... feel free to do so...

Here's the RULES:
1.Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.
2.Tell us a little about it.
3.Tag five more players.
4.Let the fun begin!

(As usual I am not best at following rules, I don't want to tag 5 people... just feel free to get it okay)


*♥Shydub♥* said...

I knew you got tag too mao wala nlng tika gi tag sd.

Hehehe ka cute gyud aning andrea uy, look at those round eyes. very pretty

Dhemz said...

thanks for grabbing this tag mami...I know dka mahilig sa tag...hhehehe....thanks for putting up with the!

love this photo...cute kaau si Andre...nitongtong...hehhehehe! thanks for sharing...EC sako...mwah!

Liz said...

She is so cute and she looks so much like you. :)

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