Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TCP: Wedding Movies

I love weddings. I guess it is always a girl thing to be fascinated with weddings. I love weddings that I always cry when the bride march down the aisle. I don't know but I always have mixed emotions when I see a bride walking down the aisle especially with the parents walking with her... I get so emotional.

I can't choose what to feature this week so I just decided to list the wedding movies that I like....

1. The Wedding Planner
2. The Bachelor
3. The Runaway Bride
4. Big Fat Greek Wedding
5. Bride Wars

For more favorite wedding movies, please check out Tuesday Couch Potatoes at Just About Anything....


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I agree with you, Lu. I love wedding movies, too. :)

shydub said...

I love all your pick mamilu. The greek not so so ky I don't like the charaters fangit.

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