Friday, March 19, 2010

Going Green!

Climate change is a subject that is discussed by many people. It is actually been a source of so many controversies. Government officials are making laws about it but are we doing our share? Have you ever truly thought about how much your waste is costing the environment?

I applaud Australia for their yearly clean-up day where close to a million people turn out to clean up parks, waterways, beaches, schools and other local sites. This activity should be a big influence to all to make sure that we do our share in cleaning the environment and going green. The waste management sydney is being imposed to companies in order to make sure that proper waste management will be practiced to provide a better environment.

The Veolia Environmental Services provides Australia with all facets of waste management and resource recovery. Their rubbish removal services sydney is being used by many companies in ensuring a proper waste management. Recently, Viola has a hybrid truck which is used to collect assorted waste bins to be emptied into either a waste or recycling compactor.

Let's all go green and help mother nature!


Carmen Araneta said...

Hi Lulu, my sister lives in Sydney. Yes, we've been there and their waste management system is great.

Laikka said...

haaay...labay lng rako time nako read! hehe

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