Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Miss Philippines Universe ... Dethroned!

When I was in the Philippines, I often stay up late just to watch different pageants. I love watching beauty pageants and I was always up to date with its news.

After I moved here in the USA, I lost track of all the beauty pageants. My attention was just captured with the latest news of the Miss Philippines Universe. Maria Venus Raj, 21 years old was dethroned from being Miss Philippines Universe because of some inconsistencies concerning her birth. The foundation that runs the local competition discovered she had been born in Qatar to an Indian man who was not married to her Filipina mother. Her birth certificate stated she was born in the Philippines to married Filipinos. She was stripped of her position not due to citizenship issues but because her birth certificate contained false information.

Miss Philippines is a highly prestigious title and winners often go on to lucrative modelling or showbiz careers. I wonder if because of being dethroned will Maria Venus Raj be more popular or will this scandal bring her down?


Joops said...

Okay lang yan kasi mas maganda yung 1st runner up hehehe.. Ako uli ito lol.. Nakakatamad maglogout hehehe

Chie Wilks said...

ayy...kasayang naman oi...wa jud ko katan-aw ani...cge man gud brown out diri ..

Dhemz said...

waaaa...parehas ta how na jud ko sa pageants sa pinas....ehehehhe!

thanks sa info...kasayang nabawian sa!

laag ko mami...naa ka opps sa PU2? gtagaan ko ni sheriff....

labay ko dire kadali kay mag OT sako ha....sambot raba ipiyong kay naa bump under my eye;s not!

sige mami...mwah!

shydub said...

Na bati mn sd siya nawong lulu, so it doesn't matter ug asa na siya paingon hehehe

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