Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1099 Where Art Thou?

It is already March, 1099 where art thou?

As far as I know, I am supposed to get the 1099 weeks ago but until now I am still waiting and waiting. We have been checking the mailbox everyday hoping against hope that the 1099 will suddenly appear. I guess the genie is still in the bottle keeping my 1099.

The long wait of 1099 has become irritating. We couldn't file taxes so obviously we can't do anything else that needs our tax return. I can't file for my naturalization because it needs the copy of our 2009 tax return. There are many things that are not moving just because of the 1099 that is long overdue.

Guys, let me know if you got your 1099 okay? I am crossing my finger that it will be here before the week ends!


shydub said...

Whoahahaha same here mamilu, waiting for nothing. Two weeks ago I sent a ticket and their reply they sent it out already. Where is it? on't tell me the mail carier got stuck in the snow or stop by in hongkong waaaa.

Anne said...

mi wala pako kadawat ana hahaa... joking! apil2x sad ning taga laing planeta. Pareho lang mo nitsang hala pag rally na hehehe...

Basin tua sa pinas gipadala mi ipacheck sa hanopol.

Mi agoy mag 1am napud wala pa ko human libot sa bloggies... kapoy!

Clarissa said...

baka naiwan kung saan at nilipad ng hangin lol!

Dhemz said...

I just got mine awhile ago mami....gabie naman jud ni among sure abot nato imo this week or ugma....:)

mag EC sako kay wapa me ka panyapon....hahahhaha...una ang EC kay sa!

burn078 said...

Sis, pwede mag ask? I am not familiar with 1099, unsa na cya? It sounds greek to me? hehehe. Pinas ra man gud ko.heheh

burn078 said...

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