Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TCP: For The Love of Family

What I am featuring for this week's Tuesday Couch Potatoes is a movie that I cried buckets of tears when I watched it. It is "My Sister's Keeper". This is a story about a loving family that is challenged and united by an illness of a child. This is about a child who is conceived to be a donor to her leukemia-stricken sister and who finally demand to have a control of her life.

It made me cry buckets watching this because I am a mother and I can understand why a mother has to do certain decisions just to save the sick child. I cried some more when the sick child realizes that because of her being sick other members of the family didn't get the attention they deserved. I cried some more when the father brought the child to the beach because that's what her last wish. All in all I just cried in most of the scenes.

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Mama Ko said...

Wala pa jud ko kita ani mamilu, HBO ug Starz ra mn ako saligan sa mga latest movie gd. Hope to see this one soon. I have seen the preview on TV and its very heart warming, makataya ug TV hehehe

Mine is here

jo.frougal said...
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jo.frougal said...

I also liked this film and, like you, I can totally relate with the mother.
What I found lacking here was hope. There was no indication or inkling of hope in the afterlife in this film.
Although I wouldn't argue with the filmmakers' belief system, this movie made me realize how much hope and positivity can come from having faith, especially in a family beset by so great a tragedy.
Please see mine here.

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