Friday, February 19, 2010

My Sister Deserves.....

My sister who resides in New Jersey is really busy these days. We don't talk to the phone very often anymore. She is on her last semester in school. If God willing, she will finish her Nursing degree this coming May.

Because she lives in the East, she has her shares of snow shoveling for a couple of days now. I know its a hard labor and I bet she doesn't welcome the snow anymore like I do. Anyway, I know she gets tired of the snow, I am sure she deserves a Myrtle Beach Hotel Vacation. There are Myrtle Beach Hotels that she will gladly stay to take a break. Of course right now, she can't do it yet. I hope that after graduation she will take a time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and stay in the most beautiful Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel.

I know that my sister strive so hard to maintain grades that are really impressive. I am so proud of her, she is almost there. With all the hard work and dedication that she pour on her studies, I believe that a grand vacation staying in one of luxurious Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels is a treat that is fitting for what she has accomplished.


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