Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy Moments: Valentine's Day

mommy moments

Our Valentine's day was very ordinary. We agreed not to give each other a gift. No gifts, no flowers, no card, nothing! It was just but an ordinary day. We just greeted each other with a hug and kiss and a "happy valentine's babe". We both give Andrea a hug and kiss and a happy valentines greeting.

Sounds boring eh? But wait... we already had our pre-valentine date! We went out and spend some quality time just me and hubby 3 days before the Valentines day. It was a great day for us.

Love month is not over yet, we will celebrate our post-valentine date tomorrow. We will be going out to dine in a nice restaurant .

Keep the love burning my dear friends. Hubby and I always do!


shydub said...

Well make everyday a valentines day how is that. same here no celebration not even the greetings waaa.

Anne said...

mi, oks lang na kaon sad bitaw mo... bawi sunod puro flowers na hehehe...

Chris said...

make everyday a love day!!! :P

Jac said...

hello sis!! sorry at late ang dalaw ko belated happy hearts day sis :) btw I have an award for you
Have a lovely day!!

Dhemz said...

musta na diha mami Lu? how's your post valentine date ni Dave? nasundan na si Andre? lol!

sensya na jud karon lang ko kabali woi...mabuang ko sa virus fixed na nuon...sorry wala ko ka reply sa YM kay natog nako gabie...g sapot goryo nalang nag human ug fix.

maau paka da kay sige lang jud ka kakuha anang Myrtle need to go there jud kay suki namo...ehhehee!

laag sako dire kadali kay mag blog hop sako gamay kay busy akong lunes...labadami sako ron...balik rako unya mami....mwah!

chicka wid u later....:)

Debbie Racho said...

haha! same with me lu, i didn't ask for anything..but u know, my hubby always have something cooking...wala judkoy ghatag niya..hahahah

Clarissa said...

same here--iba kasi ang celebration ng VD dito and yes,kahit na hinde VD dapat araw-araw nagmamahalan!^_^

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