Friday, February 5, 2010

Mommy Moments: Love Language

mommy moments

I know I am late with this entry but I still want to have an entry.

I am lucky because my little girl is very sweet. She gives me hugs and kisses that is her love language. Whenever her dad goes to work, she gives her dad a kiss and a hug and she will say bye bye... pucker her lips and say hmmm hmmm which means she wants more kiss.

She says ... I yab you ( I Love You).... When Dave buys flowers for me he lets Andrea gave it to me and you can just see the pride in her face when she hands me the flower.

Andrea's kisses and hugs are more than enough to make my heart melt.

We also make sure that we tell Andrea how much we love her. We always recognize if she did something good. We always cheer her up when she learns something new.

Happy Mommy Moments Everyone!


chubskulit said...

Wow, picture naman dyan next time bigay nya yung flowers sa yo hehehe.. So sweet.

By the way nasolve na pala yung problema ko sa IZEA, check it out the problem solved para naman di ka na mareject nga walastik doon hehehe.

Dragon5 said...
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Dhemz said...

ouch.....touch na touch ako sa post mo mami...ganon din si Akesha she wants kiss before and after work....:)

cute talaga ng language ng mga anak natin...very precious..thanks for sharing mami....musta ang superbowl diha....labay lang ko kadali kay mag shower!

thanks sa dalaw...mwah!

Mama Ko said...

I forgot to leave message here last nyt nag day off ko gahapon mn. I yab u mami the best yan mami lu.

Si jake hanggang kiss mwah lng. i keep teachin him i love you ayaw nya lol.

Jac said...

wow ang cute nman ng I yab you ni Andrea...Ang sweet ng lil princess mo.Miss you mommy Lu hugs!!

Chris said...

you have a very sweet girl there! you are blessed! :D

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