Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everybody's Fine (Movie)

I have been waiting for this movie to come out in DVD. I like Robert di Nero so I was so excited when the movie was out on DVD last Tuesday. Thankfully, there were enough copies in red box that we were able to rent it that night.

I expected more of the movie but it turned out to be just a light movie. It was basically a family story which I could not compare to my Filipino family because Filipino family relationship is very different to an American Family relationship. Just the same, I like it when they showed that they are always there for each other when they needed it.

Synopsis of the movie:
Widower Frank Goode has had to make plenty of adjustments since losing his wife about a year ago, but maybe the hardest one has been maintaining his relationships with his four adult children. It would seem that Frank's wife was the glue who held the family together, and when all of the kids bug out on a planned visit home, he decides to set out on a trip around the country, dropping in on each of their lives in order to help put things right. But their relationships aren't as simple as they once seemed, and Frank's paternal intuition is telling him that his sons and daughters are hiding something from him - and if the Goodes want to become the family they once were, the truth will have to come out before Frank returns home.
If you want a family story that can warm your heart, go get or rent a copy of this movie.


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