Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Earning Through Surveys

I never imagined myself to be a stay-at-home mother. I always thought that I will be a career girl. I started working when I was 18. I even worked full-time while I was trying to earn my degree. I was used to a life of having a career, working in an office 8 hours a day. All the while, I thought that it was the life I will lead forever. Things changed. I relocated in the USA and got married.
After I became a legal resident of the USA, I started hunting for job. But when we found out that I was pregnant, job hunting was postponed. Then, we had our daughter that needs my full time care so we decided that I will be a full-time mom. I never regretted the decision because I enjoyed being a mother and I am able to watch my little girl grow up.

With the recession we faced in our economy, we struggled financially. Dave's working hours were shortened. I am still thankful that he has a job. To supplement his earnings, I learned to earn money online through blogging and paid surveys. It is true that there are scams involving paid surveys but there are also reliable ones who pays for all the complete surveys that you have done. It is important to be cautious when engaging in paid surveys. Don't let yourself be scammed. Never give your credit card just to become a member of any paid survey websites.
Anybody can get paid to take surveys at This is a site that pays its members to try products and services. You can sign up now and they will never charge you a fee.


JENIE said...

this is a nice idea;) thanks for sharing...

analou said...

Bitaw mommy lisod jud ang panahon ai. May gani naay blogging ug naay atong makita gamay ug ma-enjoy man pod ta diba? Lage Lu ako pod dire perte ka-careful nga dili nako mahatag akong credit card number or any personal infos kay basin magamit sa nga bad nga butang. Thanks for sharing this one Lu.

rjs mama said...

will try this one :)

RJ's day to day activities
Journal of RJ's mom

Anonymous said...

Hi lu! sensya na kron lng ko kbalik ug bisita.. busy kau ko for fifi's bday... ka-try man ko'g survey pero mas dali man ang kwarta sa blogging oi.. dghan man gud kuti sa survey...


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