Monday, February 8, 2010

48th Wedding Anniversary

Forty eight years of blissful married life!

Forty eight years ago my Mom and Dad (Nanang and Tatay) vowed to love each other.... to be with each other in sickness and in health... for richer or poorer....

In most of their married life they were in the "for poorer" state. They have more than enough shares of struggles raising 9 kids. I am witness of how both of them worked so hard just to make sure that we can eat three times a day. Yes, we were able to eat 3 times a day even if it means root crops on some occasion. Root crops instead of the usual rice.

My parents doesn't have the financial capacity to send my elder siblings to school but Mom insisted that we should get education for that is the only way to alleviate our financial situation in the future. I know Mom worked so hard and loaned to everybody she can think of and for all their sacrifices we are all thankful because all of us have college degrees (except for the eldest)

Mom and Dad doesn't have all the money in the world to provide us but they did their best to make sure that we were raised well... educated, family oriented, respectful and God-fearing.

As I looked back to all those 48 years of their marriage, I am proud to say that my parents lived to their vows despite all the struggles. They have their shares of arguments (until now they still argue on certain things) but I never saw my parents sleeping without settling an issue. I admired my Mom for being a wife and a mother.. I don't think I can do what she did... My dad is a laid-back type but he is a dad that you will treasure...

Our love to you both! Happy Anniversary. May the Lord grant you more years of being together. I hope and pray that we can be there (the whole family as planned) on your Golden Anniversary!


Dhemz said...

huhuhuhu...lami kaau i syagit mami...this is very in very emo kau imong post....very well said mami Lu!

to your nanang and tatay...happy 48th wedding anniversary! way to go....a couple more years to go...golden na jud nila...wohooo!

batan-on pa kau sila tan-awon mami compare sa akong!

thanks for sharing...mag blog hop sako kay wapa ko kag sugod! mwah!

Bambie dear ★ said...

wow 2 years more, gold anniversary.. Happy Anniversary to your loving parents =) Cheers to many many more years to come =)

chubskulit said...

Napapaiyak naman ako dito sa post mo Mamilu wahhhh... You are so blessed with great parents. May God bless your parents with good health para matagal mo pa sila makasama lalo na ni Andrea..

Ang sarap balikan nung nakaraan ano Lulu, kami madalas yung rootcrops lalo na pag maalon ang dagat at walang hanapbuhay, halos every night yan ang pagkain namin, sa araw lang ang kanin.. wahhhh, hala napaiyak mo talaga ako but I am so happy reading your post.

Clarissa said...

Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary to your parents,Mommy Lulu!!Isa rin ako sa mga napa-iyak sa post mong ito--I can still remember na halos wala kaming makain dati as in asin ang ulam namin sa kanin.I thought sa tv ko lang makikita but I experienced those on my childhood.I'm happy for this post,Mommy Lulu.

Nanaybelen said...

Two years na lang.. Gold Anniversary na.

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