Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year... New Boots

Something new for new year... new boots! I have a few pair of boots but I wanted a new ugg boots because, I don't own a pair of ugg boots yet. I have a mini collection of boots in different style and most of them are in high heels. Sometimes, wearing high heeled boots is not practical especially if you are running errands. An ugg boots will be perfect for me doing some things with Andrea outside during these cold winter days. I love winter and we are taking advantage with it as much as possible.

I love dressing up during winter. Everyone can still be dressy and yet comfortable and warm during winter. With a proper winter wardrobe from warm clothes to warm boots, one can still enjoy the outdoors in its windy and chilly glory.

When I saw ugg boots sale, I got another excuse to buy a new boots. I can't pass the opportunity to buy a comfortable boots at a price that is very affordable. So, for this new year, I got a new pair of boots to start off my new year shopping!


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