Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Car

My friend just purchased a new car as her "something new" this new year. She has two kids so she needed a bigger car for her family so she decided to buy a van instead of her dream car 2010 mitsubishi ralliart. She fancied the 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart because of its aggressive exterior styling but she has not choice than to give way to her dream car for practicality reasons. A van will be more useful especially when traveling because traveling with kids means more luggage. They travel a lot so it is but practical to purchase a van.

When it comes to cars, I always think that I should go for the car's performance. I would hate to own a car that needs a lot of maintenance and has a very low mileage per gallon of gas. Considering the inconsistency of gas prices, it is better to be sure that the car I drive has high gas mileage.

Should we need to buy a car this year, I think I will go for a chevrolet avalanche because of its safety features. The new 2010 chevrolet avalanche earns a 5 star crash rating from National Highway Traffic Administration. That's a pretty good rating when it comes to safety from crashing the car. I also like the safety features that are available in the chevrolet avalanche. I like its OnStar emergency communications system, rearview camera, rear parking sensors, a blind-spot warning system, power-folding tow mirrors and more. These features will really be helpful for me since I am a first-time driver.

If you plan to buy a new car for this year, you need to know the performance, style, safety, and features of the car you want. You can also learn more when you check out wiki cars.


hitesh rawat said...

compromises will always be there especially when responsibility of kids......

loving being single.... :)

have a happy 2010

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