Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommy Moments : New Born Days

mommy moments

Andrea came early... way early and at a very unexpected time. Can you imagine, I had my OB appointment Dec 10, 2007 at 11:00AM and my OB doesn't know that she is gonna come out at 4:30 that afternoon!

I am spared of hard labor. I only have 15-minute labor and Andrea came out through natural birth without even an epidural!

Andrea was rushed to the NICU so I never had a chance to hold her the moment she was born. I actually had to wait for few hours because of the NICU visiting hours.

The first few minutes of Andrea's life

After couple of hours, I was able to hold her

Can't stop looking at her... Visiting hours is only limited, so making the most of it

Happy dad! (SSShhhh he was more nervous than I am when I gave birth)

Peacefully sleeping.... with all the wires attached to her body

She developed jaundice after few days, so she has to be under jaundice treatment

She had infection so she has to be back inside the incubator with all the wires and IVs

The pictures above was Andrea's new born days. She was born 4lbs and 12 oz. Very tiny baby but she was strong & brave and surpass it all. It was one of the hardest months of our lives. She stayed in NICU for over a month. We never miss a day to visit her.


♡ N o r e e n said...

Pareho tayo sis all natural delivery. All my 3 kids were delivered without epidural. Pinipilit pa nga ako mga nurses na pumirma ng paperwork akala siguro nila magwawala ako in the middle of labor asking for an epidural hehehehe mas mabilis talaga manganak pag walang drugs.

Bambie dear ★ said...

swerte mo naman sa labor of love, ang bilis. Ive heard about your giving birth story before, so glad super healthy na si andrea ngayon.. cant imagine how stressed and worried you've been through..

anyway, happy weekends =)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hala noh. Strong jud si Andrea... then, dili nako ma-imagine ang worries sa parents. Mmmm... ako ani, naghuwat pa kanus-a maka-tsamba. :)

Jac said...

brave kid talaga look at her now super cute and healthy na si Andrea. Na touch ako sa mga photos na na i share mo sa amin sis..
Happy weekend!!

Rossel said...

andrea is strong indeed. pati na rin kayo ni hubby mo. mahirap yung pinagdaanan nyo pero nalagpasan nyo. may God bless your family more! kisses.

Inya said...

I wished I undergo quick labor too. It took me a day before my eldest son came out, I even had emergency ceasarian.
It's good to know how our little angels surpassed trials during their birth.

you can visit my entry here

teJan said...

hmmm sweet to be reminded those times..hehh write mine in alittle while!!!

have a blessed one!

Mom of Four said...

Wow! I can imagine how hard it was for you guys to leave Andrea at the hospital for a month. Alexandra stayed at the hospital for few days due to jaundice and I cried every day, it's weird to come home without my baby. But I am so glad that everything is alright now for all our kids..

melandria said...

One brave baby.

Mama Ko said...

She is one brave girl to have survive and go through all that. Grabe pala paghihirap ninyo mamilu. You are lucky and blessed to have a smart daughter like Andrea, she is very precious. Malloy ko nagtan aw sa baby naa incubator oi, isug sd kaayo ang mama ky walay epidural hehehe.

Cecile said...

we almost had the same experienced, Lu; now look at our kids, they are both healthy and active :-); thanks to the Great One above for giving us such blessings.

Chris said...

its great to look back and see that you have overcome such trials.... God is good.. Toby also developed jaundice and had to be brought back to the hospital for photolight treatment...

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