Thursday, January 14, 2010


When we visited my sister last year, we went swimming at the Riverwinds Community Center. It was a beautiful community center. It was exclusive for its members. Member can bring guests though. Obviously, we were one of the guests.

I love the set-up of their swimming pool because near the shower area are the lockers where you can leave your valuables. It really comes very handy for swimming pool users.

The community center has different amenities. Their gym is very advance. It has different exercising machines that are all new. There are gym lockers that are free to use for all gym users. On the other side of the gym is the baby center where registered members can leave their kids for a minimal fee. A parent can leave their kids as long as 3 hours. The baby center has wood lockers for each kids needs.

A locker is very useful. For students, there are school lockers in school where they can put their books and other valuables. Some kids in school share their lockers. For me, every student in school should have their own locker. I am sure that the school official knows that there are lockers for sale that are inexpensive.


Juliet said...

Hi lulu, nia ko dre bisita kadali. x-change badge ta grab na nako imong badge.

bitaw, ask ko ba taga asa diay ka sa ato?

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