Monday, January 4, 2010


Technology evolves. I remember the old TVs with turning dials when you want to change channels. Then there were TVs that has an attached humongous speakers. Then remote TV came. There were TVs that were so big and so heavy. Then came the flat screen TV and of course these days the in thing is the HDTV.

I remember when I first I got here in the USA, I have never seen a flat screen 65" TV so, when I saw one when I first visited my father in law, I was so impressed and amazed of their TV. When flat screen TV was new in the market, it was very expensive but nowadays it is more affordable. I saw some very affordable HDTV at Vanns TV. You can check out their TV and Home Theater for great deals everyday.

Since HDTV is the in thing this time, you might want to check out Screen Sleuth for HDTV News, Reviews and Deals. At their website you can actually compare TV prices from different stores. They also have complete listing of prices and deals you can find at Boscovs TV. If you prefer to shop for TV and Home Theater at Tiger Direct TV you can also find their complete selection and prices at Screen Sleuth.

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