Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hair Care and More

As you all know, I just cut my hair shorter and more with style. I decided to cut my hair because I wanted a new look. But, before I cut my hair, I always had a long hair. I grow up having a long hair most of the time. I grew my hair as long as below my waistline.

Having a long hair needs a lot of hair care. An ordinary shampoo is not enough to maintain a healthy and shiny hair. I use Liquid Keratin because it has special ingredients that keeps my hair healthy and shiny. My hair is free from split-ends and breakouts. I also use Keratin Complex. I use between Liquid Keratin and Keratin Complex alternately. These are the brands that really works wonder with my hair.

Whenever I wanna feel beautiful, I make sure that my hair is healthy and my skin too. When it comes to my skin, like most Asian type of skin mine is very sensitive. I can't just use any brands of moisturizer or lotion. I have to use those products that are for sensitive skin. I love the Kai Body Lotion offered by Kai Bath and Body. It has an exotic fragrance and natural essence. And when it comes to maintaining a soft silky hands, I use soothing hand lotion. Molton Brown has liquid hand wash and soothing hand lotion that keeps my hand soft especially this winter days.

Staying beautiful for me is important that is why I use products that works for me and I shop for the finest beauty products.


Mama Ko said...

Aguy ka timing ani sa imung new look. dili mag dry imung scalp diri lulu? ako oi bisag unsa i shampoo ug conditioner dry man jd

teJan said...

Maayo ni da! hehe para sa akong long hair nga gikaspa! hehe..But true I have dandruffs :(

good day!

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