Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fashion for Plus Sizes

When I got here in the USA, I was so tiny! I was a typical Filipino who is short and petite. I can hardly find clothes that fit my size. Most of the times, I shopped at the teen section. But, things changed. I got comfortable living and eating American food. All those sweet desserts and greasy stuff, I gained weight. Adding to the fact that I got pregnant, my size increases. I think the only consolidation that I got from the all the weight that I put on is the fact that I can now shop easily.

Although, I gained weight I still shop for trendy clothes. I am still proud to say that even though I am not as sexy as I used to be, I still dress with glam! Plus size women can still be hot and can still wear those on trend tops, dresses and jeans. Don't let your size be an excuse to look fabulous. Check out the Women’s Clothing Catalogue and start shopping for fashionable items. Let's all look great, stylish and fabulous!


yen said...

hi lu, wla jud paglubad imong PR oi...

teJan said...

nice tips lulu:) agi ko today bisag kapoy sa party nga 2 days ako bana.. mag day off raba ko ugma:)

k said...

yahoooo...yan ang pinoy...wazz pakialam maski gawas bilbil..suot japon sexy clothes...hahaha

yes, naka jackpot ko atong PBM LU, kay gi-apil man ko nila sa ila blogroll...wa ko kabalo kung gi-unsa nila...hahaha so far, kadto pa lang ang pinaka dako ug payment...hehe

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