Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dining @ Longhorn Steak House

Longhorn is Dave's ultimate favorite steak house. To welcome the New Year, we decided to dine at Longhorn last weekend.

It was a very cold day and in my mind, I thought there will be less customers because it was cold. I was wrong.... we had to wait to be seated....

Andrea holding the waiting gadget which she though that its a phone

We finally got seated after almost half hour of waiting. But to our disappointment, no waitress even bothered to ask for our drinks. After 15-20 minutes we have to talk to the hostess because nobody was serving us.

The hostess dutifully ask for a drink (Dave had tea and I had raspberry iced tea). She asked for our order. I wanted a whole rack of baby back ribs but to our disappointment, they run out of ribs.

Andrea looking at the menu

The hostess served us our drink and the bread and waited for our order. A waitress finally asked for our order and Dave ordered for a porterhouse steak (22 oz steak) and for the side he ordered french fries and onions. For myself, I ordered salmon, french fries and salad with oil and vinegar as dressing.

Dave's dinner

My dinner

The food was excellent. Their salmon was so moist and I am glad I ordered it. All through the time that we waited for like forever, Andrea was bored yet she didn't complain. She didn't cry, she patiently waited and we are so proud of her.

Longhorn's service that night was the worst we ever had.... I guess they knew that their service was really bad that they didn't charge us with our drinks.


shydub said...

I notice that Lulu, you guys always go to that resto. Their food must be really good for you to keep coming back there.

Look at Andrea she is so at home in that place and of course want to order her food too as if she read whats in the menu.

klivengood said...

haguy...bawal na bisaya nosebleed na gani ta ani ug binuhat ug opps hahaha...

oi ka cute ba sa kustomer diha..murag true man..basa-basa pa kuno ug menu...gigutom ko sa order ni Dave..hehe

Arlyna said...

Ohh, I miss seeing Andrea - she's such a darling cutie and growing up so fast.

Happy New year to u and Andrea. big hugs to both :)

Dhemz said...

ayay...kalami sa g order ni dave...ehhehehe!

laag ko dire kadali mami kay karon palang ko nag sugod ug blog hop...mwah!

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