Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apartment and Life Transition

Before I moved here in the USA, Dave lived in a single bedroom apartment. He was living alone so the space is perfect for him. He doesn't want to move until I got here because selecting our first place to live together was a major decision and has to be decided between the two of us.

After a few weeks, we hunted for apartments. On top of our consideration for a new apartment is the budget for rent. You see, there will be two of us living together so the grocery budget will be doubled. Given the fact that only one is working, we need to consider the budget on how much we can allocate for apartment rental. We also wanted an apartment that will be closer to where my husband is working. It is important that we can find a place that will be closer to his work so that we won't spend a lot on gasoline. Then we decided to have a two-bedroom apartment because we were anticipating if there will be a baby then there will be a room for the baby. Another thing we consider while we were hunting for an apartment was the furnishings. We don't have a lot so we wanted an apartment with refrigerator, a stove, a dishwasher and a washer/dryer connection. Lastly, we wanted that lease agreement be six months and renewable for another six months and so on.

Actually we got lucky when after few tries of checking different apartments, we found the apartment that fits our budget. The place is less than 10 miles from where Dave works and the neighborhood is okay. Our neighboring renters are all nice to us and we look out for each other.

After we signed our lease, my life transition in the USA started. I packed and we moved and unpacked. Those things are very tiring but fortunately I was enjoying the move because it was a start of our life together. Everything fall into places and we have been living here for over three years.

Searching for the perfect apartment is an endless search. But if you know your budget, your preferred location, the size, the furnishings and the rental agreement you will find what you are looking for. You can also try to check because they have millions of properties across the United States that are currently available for rent.


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