Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wine Counting

Andrea has a love affair with wine counting. One year ago, she first took her first steps and her destination was the wine rack at her Nana's. Every time we visit her Nana, she always go to the wine rack and count the wine.

Sometimes, I wonder what is with the wine rack that fascinates Andrea so much? Well as long as she will just count it and not take the wine out of the rack she is very much welcome to do so.

For wine lovers, a good gift for them this Christmas is a beautiful wine glass racks. I have observed that those people who like to drink wine has also a wonderful collection of wine glasses. These wine glasses deserves to be in equally beautiful wine glass rack.

If you are looking for wine glass racks for sale, check out because they have high quality stemware & glass racks.


klivengood said...

hahaha...naa siguro balak andrea muinom sa mga wines kay nice siguro ang mga hitsura nyahaha...ka gwafa jud ning bataa ni...

ShY said...

hehehe hala inday Andrea, pag abli ug isa atong itagay, maayo ng sayo makat on aron when you reach 18 years old you already tried drinking and don't want indulge in drinking anymore. lol.. Poise raba kaayo siya nag count.

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