Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Will Miss You, Fr. RR!

I got a very sad news today. When I opened my roaming cellphone I got two new messages. Both messages was from my older sisters. They both told me that Fr RR had a motorcycle accident and was declared DOA.

Fr Arnold Goder (Fr. RR as we call him), is a family friend of ours. He was our parish priest like 6 years ago. Like any other priest that were assigned to our parish, he became a family friend. Even when he was reassigned to other parishes in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, we still keep in touch. We sometimes visit him to the parish he was assigned. Every now and then, we see each other with common friends on different parties.

Fr. RR was part of our family... he was with us during the happy times and the sad times. We will surely miss his company and we will miss the fun we shared.

Fr. RR we will surely miss you. Wherever you are.. may you find peace. We love you!


Anney said...

May God Bless his soul.

Jac said...

May Fr. RR rest in God's peace!!

Dhemz said...

woi, sad to hear the news gosh....may he will rest in peace.

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