Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TCP: Musical Movies

What a coincidence for this week's theme of both Monday Movie Meme and Tuesday Couch Potatoes. Both meme is about Musical Movies. I find it coincidental because I am sure both of the hosts of these memes doesn't know about this for sure.

Anyway, I have watched only a few musical movies and one of my favorite is the "Mama Mia". I like Meryl Streep and of course my "ex-boyfriend" Pierce

Mama Mia is hilarious and really entertaining..... below is the trailer.... tell me, isn't it funny?


shydub said...

Boringan ko magtan aw sa Mama mia lulu. I wonder big star like pierce brosnan, meryl streep nga dawat mn ug offer nga boring.

kikamz said...

dili ko agree sa imo momi shy. hehe! i loved the movie.. it wasn't boring at all. di ba momi lu no? lingaw man ang Mama Mia! momi shy.. bitaw, medyo wala lang sad ko nakatuo nga apil sa cast si pierce brosnan. weird kaau iya role to be singing kay lahi ra jud ako image niya.

anyway, thank you for joining this week lu! next week, we will feature A Merry Christmas movie. till then, happy tcp and a blessed Christmas!

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