Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Rain Man" Dies

Few months ago, I wrote an entry about the "Rain Man". You can read it at A Salute to Kim Peek. I was inspired by his story that is why I decided to make an entry about him.

Kim Peek was 58. Peek had a major heart attack Saturday morning and was pronounced dead at a hospital in the Salt Lake City suburb of Murray.

Kim Peek has mental disabilities but the things he knew was really amazing. He was a genius in about 15 different subjects, from history and literature and geography to numbers, sports, music and dates. He traveled almost 3 million air miles and talked to nearly 60 million people — half have been students. He toured the world, helping dispel misconceptions about mental disabilities.

Kim Peek will surely be missed and remembered with his exceptional abilities despite his disabilities.

May he rest in peace.


Dhemz said...

sos pagka busy dire sa panginabuhi woi...ako bankrupt na for 3 ko kabayad ani sa!

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