Wednesday, December 2, 2009


With Love Wednesday

Before Andrea came to my life, I am already a mother (not biologically). Crissefiya Annezette (Ace) was my baby. I was with her since she was born. I accompany her mom when she gave birth. I was with her while she was in labor. She was entrusted to me by my brother who by the way attended a company outing eventhough he knew that Cris (his wife) is gonna gave birth any moment. I bet he doesn't want to be there so he went to attend a company party while I was left to take care of Cris. Ace grew up with me. There was a time when she would rather be with me than with her parents. I know I spoiled her and everybody in the family knew that. Ace and I were very close until I got married. We are still close but the distance between us doesn't allow us to be together more often. She is still a Momsy's girl and I know I will forever be her Momsy. I am glad that she is not jealous with Andrea though.

Few years later, Cassi Angelique (Cassi) and Cleofaye Andrienne (Lalang) was born. They became my kids too... You see both their parents doesn't have stable jobs so basically I was there to help them out. When they need something they always ask their Momsy. I know I have a tendency to spoil kids. These 3 girls grew up as very good kids and they knew that things are limited and they don't get whatever they wish.

To be fair, I have other nephews and a niece ( kids of my elder sister). I love them all but they don't need me as much because their parents can provide for them.

Finally, Andrea came to our life. She is the best thing that ever happened to us. She brings so much joy to all of us. She can be sassy and sweet. I hope that she will grow up to be a wonderful girl and I hope she will grow up knowing that she is also a Filipino at heart thus she should always remember her Filipino roots.


shydub said...

Nice entry mami lulu, ka sweet nga momsy, hala hinay hinay pamutos pinaskuhan padalasa mga pamangkin. lol.

pehpot said...

Hi Mommy Lulu.. kindly refer to this article for adgitize inquiries.. sensy an angayon lang ulit ako nakabalik:

Bambie dear ★ said...

you're such a great aunt.. me too, may favorite niece din ako.Iba siguro talaga kapag nakita mo sya lumaki, andun na yung instant attachment.

Chris said...

cool pics! :D kids are so sweet!

Dhemz said...

hahhaha.....kuyaw kay nana man diay ka mga adopted na daan sa pinas mami....:) ka kuyaw ni nga momsy kay maau man mag spoiled...pero si Andre kay iya ra tagaan!

ka buotan jud nimo mami woi....:)

na mami shy....dugay na si mami Lu nagpada ug!

balik rako unya kay mag study sako..last na ni nga quiz namo

Jona said...

i'm sure your niece won't forget you and the memories together til she grows old. cute baby you have!

thanks for joining. hope you fun on WLW!

Anne said...

Na hala si Andrea ayaw na tawon na ahilaka ug taman kay magminghi minghi napud na... :-) Daghan man jud ka lovers nga mga cute mi.... you are blessed to have them.

Padala dayon package mi.... aw humana man diay. Cash nalang para sulit...!

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