Monday, December 7, 2009

Importance of Address Plaques

In the place where I live, subdivisions are very common. These types of subdivisions built houses in the same style and in the same colors. It is very hard to recognize who owns which. Some of the houses have address plaque but some don't. Those houses with address plaques are easier to recognize.

Few days ago, we were invited for a house warming party. We got the address of my friend's house and we also got their number just in case we won't be able to find the exact house. I was confident that we can find it easily because I was thinking that the house with many cars parked outside would be it. But, to my dismay, there were houses that were holding a party too. There was no way that I can find the house based on the cars parked outside. This is the problem with living in a subdivision. The same houses lined up so there is no telling where my friend's house is. I don't have a choice but to call her and to ask which house is hers. I describe where I was and she told me to keep going. She told me that I won't miss it because she just put a lawn address plaque in her yard and it is visible from the side of the road. What a relief! We were able to get there before the party started.
Address plaques for me is very important. When there is medical emergency, an address plaque could be a lifesaver. It will enable paramedics to see the house right away. I think that everyone should display an address plaque in front of each homes proudly.

Address plaques are sold in different styles, shapes and color. There are those that are maintenance-free too. When you decide to shop for address plaques at Outdora, you will be sure to find something that will suit your personal style and a design that will fit your home.


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