Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here We Go Again... Math and More Math!

When I was in high school, my worst subject was chemistry. I don't know but I cannot understand nor can grasp the idea of balancing formulas. I was really struggling and wish there was somebody that can offer me with chemistry help. It was such a difficult junior year for me (chemistry was in junior year... physics was for the senior year). Needless to say, chemistry was my lowest grade in my entire high school year.

When I went to college, there were more math subjects that I can think of... all courses has math subjects. I was glad that at that time, I have friends to help me with math problems. After a while I learn to do well in math and I was able to provide correct math answers.

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Clarissa said...

did you just said math??ano yun?hehehee!!wala yata yan sa vocabulary ko lol!!

thanks for dropping by,Mommy Lulu!!Hugs to Andrea!!^_^

Chie Wilks said...

I hate Math! hehehe...ambot lang basta di jud ko ana nga subject...I was just lucky enough when i got 2.75 grade sa Accounting subject ko... Sa chemistry, na pareho ta sis Lu..was jud koy hanaw ana..mau gani naluoy akong teacher gitagaan ko og 78 sa final

Cacai M. said...

Am proud to say ganahan ko og math sa college ko.. nyahahah.. and to prove that the younger ones in our neighborhood who happened to be our school mate (high school level), saw me and I guess I got it great because she said I was great in math in our class.. whew! I was surprise of course because we're not close with the folks who told.. nyahahah.. :-)

Maau pa mag-tutor nlng ka og math Mareng pinaagi aning site nga fave mn ka ky balik2x mn nmo.. cool! let's celebrate.. muahhh!

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