Friday, December 4, 2009


Remember in my last posts about our house extension? It is almost done now. Due to some changes of the plan, the proposed budget was not enough. Nobody expected that the budget will exceed that much but nonetheless it is being handled now. We decided that the finishing touches including painting of the house will be the next big project.

We wanted to have a solid wood flooring on our house to make it different than the rest in our neighborhood but I think it will add more to the expenses. As much as we would like to have a wood flooring we will just settle for Vinyl Flooring. We would like to have something like the picture below. It is an Armstrong Rhinofloor XL Supergrip Natural Tuscany Black Silver. This type of textured vinyl is slip-resistant and very attractive. If it will be feasible to our budget, we will surely want this style.

We also plan to buy some rugs for our home because we believe that rugs will provide great accent to any room. We will be looking for rugs that are 100% polypropylene because they are easy to clean and somewhat cheaper. We have so many plans for our house but money is limited so we will just do it one at a time.

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