Wednesday, December 9, 2009


With Love Wednesday

I am blessed to have a wonderful family.

My family in the Philippines is very close-knitted. We have our shares of arguments, shouting at each other, banterings, heartbreaks... "tampuhan", and more. We are a big family. We have 5 girls and 4 boys in the family. All the girls are married and two boys are still single. Mom and Dad has a total of 10 living grandkids. When we are all together we are all a mess. We sure do have fun! We share fun, laughters, happiness, joy and even problems. We are always there for each other. Our parents made sure that we never lost in touch. Despite the financial incapacity of my parents they raised us well... they raised us to be God-fearing, family oriented and good people.
My Tatay and Nanang... Awesome Parents

I am also lucky to have my other family. I have extra ordinary in-laws. They are very supportive and they treated me as their own. Mom Lori and Dan has always been there for us. Dad Bill and Jan are both great. Dave's family has accepted me without questions and treated me their equal. Mischa is also a great addition to our family. A wonderful kid (not really a kid...).

Of course, I am very grateful to my own family. I have a wonderful husband who is always there for me. A husband that always makes sure that I am happy with my life. Our family wouldn't be complete without our little angel. The little girl that changed our life. Our source of joy. We are striving to be a good parent to our child, hoping that we can raise her well.

Dave and Andrea....A wonderful gift!

"Thank you Lord for the wonderful family that I have and for the countless blessings you showered on us."


Dhemz said...

ayay ka sweet ani nga post...makadumdom man sad ta sa atong utang...ehehehe!

thanks for sharing mami....:)

Paula said...

It's nice to have a family that loves us unconditionally, di ba? :)
I have my entry here.
Happy Thoughts

Genejosh said...

mas marami pa kami kesa inyo sis..he..he...I miss the fun, the noise, the bickerings we had! Wish to be with my family this Christmas season:)

Mine's here:

Jona said...

real example of a family. you can accept each other's differences because he/she is part of the family.

thanks a bunch for joining again!

klivengood said...

haguy ka lami sa smile ni Andrea nga gi-kiss ni daddy nya...perfect smile, perfect moment...

inggit akoooooo...wala ako girllll...

yes, hadganan to namo hehehe pero ang sulod sa balay wa pa na human kay wa pa budget hehehe.

Bambie dear ★ said...

parang normal lang sa malaking pamilya sa atin sa pinas ang tampuhan at banterings, ive seen my aunts shouting at one another lots of time lol pero parang walang nangyari pag nagbati na. Kaka-miss no. Iba kasi ang bonding ng filipino families.

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