Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Dating Scene

Dating scenes differ culture by culture. Philippines dating scene is a lot more conservative than the dating scene in the USA. Culturally speaking they are different too. Americans are very liberal while Filipinos are more of conservative type.

When it comes to dating, some men (or women) are having problems with it. They don't have the personality to successfully get a date on their own that is why they need dating advice. In the dating world, one should know how to flirt so that he or she can pick a date. Flirting is part of expressing interest. It is important to remember not to lead somebody that you don't have interest with because you will end up in trouble.

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Dhemz said...

agoy ka busy ni mami bisan weekend...ehehehe.....uros uros man jud ang!

thanks sa dalaw mami....musta man ang bday bash ni Andre?

am sure super busy mo gahapon....looking forward to see the photos....:)

good night!

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