Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chatting with my Brother

I just finished chatting / voice chatting with my younger brother who at this moment is in Mexico. He works in a vessel so they dock to many ports. The last time I talked and chat with him was when they docked in Hawaii almost a month ago.

I am always glad when we can chat because we are able to update each other with our lives and of course I am glad that he can see Andrea in cam. I was voice chatting with my brother while I was cooking. He was online at the time that I have to cook. I have to multi-task. I was cooking and chatting with him at the same time and so my cam was also on.

My brother told me that I gained so much weight. He teased me that my tummy looks so big that I should have a tummy tuck to have my sexy body back. We always comment on our weight and that for us is normal. They are not used to me being "fat" because I used to be very skinny. But in the end he told me that it is okay to gain weight because I already have Andrea. Having a child can be an excuse to gain weight (ha ha ha).

Anyway, I am glad I am able to talk to my little brother before Christmas!


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