Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's Your Dream Car?

I remember the first time that I practiced driving, my hubby told me to park inside the parking line and I said " I couldn't see a line at all!" That is the memory that will always stick on my mind. Well, you can't blame me for not seeing the line. My husband is a tall man so the driver seat is so low because our car is a small one. Being a little girl that I am, it is obvious that I couldn't see the parking area where I should park because I could barely stick my above the steering wheel. Well, that was my excuse... but every time we remember it, it always make us laugh.

Anyway, what is your dream car? If I see somebody that driver a hummer, the first thing that comes to my mind is "too expensive for me". I bet since the hummer is big, I am sure I can clearly see the road. For me, a hummer is a guy car so it is not for me.

As I was looking for different cars, I think I will like the chevy cobalt because it is very stylish and it is made in vibrant colors. Chevy cobalt has its usual safety features so I am confident that I will be safe driving this car. My second choice if I will buy a car is a Saab. Many said that the 2009 Saab 9-3 is a good-looking vehicle that stands out from the pack.

I know that different people have different choice when it comes to car. I know that some like the wiki cars. A car is a big investment so I advise everyone to read different car reviews before buying a new car. One of the most trusted reviews about car is the, you better check it out before you decide to buy your new car!


analou said...

I like the Bug Lu. Pambabae jud. Gusto pod nako pink ang color..Hehehehehe....para akoa jud. Bitaw ai, we have a friend that has an Austin Martin car and it is really cool. If I am not mistaken it has 12 cyclinder. Grabe ka kusog modagan.

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