Wednesday, November 18, 2009

War Against Rodents

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Rats and mice are very destructive and may cause a lot of expense when you have to replace or repair cabinetry and wood work or furniture. Mice love to chew everything in sight. Mice and rats can pose a serious threat to your property and to the health of your family and your animals or pets. Rodents breed very quickly and when they become established in your property either inside or outside or both, it becomes difficult to eliminate them. When the rodents are eliminated you need to make sure to rodent proof your home at all times.

Rodents carry many diseases. In order to avoid any chance of contracting diseases from rodents it is imperative that you fully clean and disinfect every surface in your home where rodents may have come in contact. Many diseases carried by the rodents can be transferred to us through their urine or feces. Disinfecting every conceivable area that you think have been contacted by the rodent is a safety precaution that will help us from getting diseases from the rodents.

You can win the war against rodents by using rodent ultrasonic repellent. Are you curious how ultrasonic repellents work? The Repellents use high-frequency sound waves to drive rodents away from your home. It emits sound waves that create intense auditory stress to the rodents thus it will drive them away.

Victor® Sonic PestChaser® PRO is a safe rodent repellent that you can use for your home. It is safe, non-toxic and easy to use.

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Anne said...

And the rodents are considered pests. Get rid of them. Pest Control Melbourne

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