Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping Day

We went out shopping today. Surprisingly Andrea was not her usual self. She usually just love shopping but today she just wants mommy to hold her. She had a few exciting moments when we picked up some Dora DVDs and Dora toys. She was excited to read her Dora book. The rest, she just wants to be held.

We got a couple of items for Andrea from clothes, to shoes, to toys to DVDs. We had fun shopping for our little girl. We also got her a new Disney table and chair.... well too bad there is no Dora but the disney table and chair set worked good.

Andrea loves it, since we got home until now (while posting this), she is busy with her new table and chair. She is playing her tea set in the table. I guess she is having her tea

Anyway, thanks Mom, we enjoyed going out today!


Bambie dear ★ said...

lol i could imagine her having fun during tea time.. kakatuwa naman.. ako din nyan, malapit na ako bumili ng tea set lol ANyway, may time talaga wala sa mood magshopping mga kids, buti nga di sya nagwawala. I see some kids na super nagwawala sa malls lol

Tetcha said...

Wow! So many nice stuff for your little girl! I bet she's having a tea party right now.

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