Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Precious Wall Clock

I grew up in a small little house where most part of the house needs repairing. We had less but let me tell you, we were happy. We were close to each other and my Mom never fails to tell us that we need to be patient because if we strive hard we can always get what we want if we work for it. True enough, we all struggled to get a college degree and find a decent job. After a lot of struggles we manage to alleviate ourselves and our family.

Despite how small our place was, I remember we own a precious wall clock, hanging in a shabby looking wall. That was the first valuable possession that we had. It was a gift. If you look at our house, the wall clock seems to be out of place. I will always remember that wall clock because Mom always tells us that wonderful things like the wall clock that we have will come our way in the future. Whenever I see different wall clocks anywhere, it always reminds me of my childhood years.

These days, a Grandfather Clock Wedding Anniversary Present Gift is very common. I think that this type of gift is very classy. I always love looking at a grandfather clock. I am thinking of buying my Mom with a new grand father clock because our precious wall clock has finally stopped working. I can't believe that our precious wall clock lasted for over 30 years. I think a grandfather clock will be perfect for our new home. Our new home is nice and spacious. I am sure that a grandfather clock will add glamour to it.


GrandfatherClocks said...

hi. nice grandfather clocks and wall clocks post! thought you would want to know-fix that the 3rd and last link in your blog for grandfather clock is broken.

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