Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Car Maintenance...

Owning a car in the Philippines is considered a luxury. A luxury that of course beyond our reach. That is why, our means of transportation in the Philippines is the public buses and jeepneys. In the local area, there are tricycles and motorcycles. I remember the times when we have to go grocery shopping and ride the motorcycle with both hands holding the grocery bags.

Life here in the USA is different. Owning a car is a necessity. In some places where there is no means of public transportation, a car is a must have. I admit, I enjoy having our own car. It enables us to go wherever we want to go. The only problem with having a car is its maintenance. Proper maintenance should be given to the car or else it won't last.

Just recently, we spend couple of hundreds for our car's brake job. As much as I hate to do it, we don't have a choice because it is for our car's good and our safety too. When it comes to car maintenance, it is necessary to repair whatever needs repairing right away as to prevent more damage.

My friend in Texas who owns a Chevrolet Silverado treats her car as her baby. Whenever she feels something is wrong with its engine, she always brings it to Dallas Auto Repair Shop. She is a satisfied customer of this shop because of the quality of their work.


Steve said...

Hi Lulu,

Many people own a car and it is part of life now. We cannot do without it but sometimes things breakdown and need to spend some money. There are some ways to safe some money and increase the gas mileage and one of them is the use of an fuel catalyst. You can give it a try.

Good luck with your car.

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