Monday, November 9, 2009

Mommy's Day-Off!

Being a full time mother is a decision I made that I will never regret. Full time moms are able to experience the complete joy of motherhood where you can see the daily changes of your baby as the baby grows. It is an awesome feeling to be there during all "the firsts". The first smile, first word and first step are all huge landmarks in the life of our baby. It you are not staying at home, you are likely to miss out on those special "first" moments of your baby's development. That is why I am thankful that I am a stay at home mom.

There is no denying that motherhood is fulfilling yet a very difficult job. Being stay at home means you have duties to manage your home. Duties like cooking, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and doctor visits. These duties can be much more difficult to manage with both parents working full-time.

With all the duties that a stay at home Mom has to fulfill, every once in a while, a mommy needs a day-off! A time where she can spend to pamper herself. A Spa Escape at Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort will be a perfect getaway for moms who want a spa treatment to rejuvenate their bodies. The Spa Escape is a perfect package because you can customize it with your stay at Myrtle Beach Hotel.

To all the husbands out there, give your wife and the mother of your kids a treat.... Book a vacation for her (or for the whole family) at Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts.


analou said...

Hayyy..Kailan paka ako makapunta sa spa. I am thinking that someday and somehow I want to experience being pampered sa spa. I give me an idea mommy Lu. My hubby asked me what I want for christmas. Basin mao na ne....Spa....

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