Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is There Money in Blogging?

Is there money in blogging? If we are talking about millions of dollars for a personal blog, I think ... impossible! But, don't be dismayed for there is money in blogging. A couple of hundreds or thousands perhaps... money which is enough to support and help augment the family's financial situation.

The same with any other jobs, blogging for money is an endless task. You need a lot of hardwork, patience, time and talent. For a stay at home mother like me, blogging is perfect. Through blogging I have an outlet of my thoughts and at the same time earning something out of it. I can say that I am successful in my own little way in my blogging business. How to Make Money Blogging is a case to case basis. It will depend on your niche. Earning through your blogs will not happen overnight so be prepare for some drawbacks and remember to always be patient. I know after all your hard work, you will reap your rewards at the end.

There are many ways to earn from your blog. There is paid posts, affiliate programs, and revenue sharing. In revenue sharing, you can submit your blog, do your usual posting and get your share from the adsense revenue that the website earns.

One thing that I can say to be successful in blogging is to post topics that attracts people, topics with content which will make your reader come back to your blog and look for updates. Establish your blog and promote blog as much as you can and in the end you will get more opportunities to get paid in your blog.

So, is there money in blogging?.... Yes!


shydub said...

Very well said mami lulu....of course there is money in blogging like millions and millions whoahahaha

ikaw ra jd nadatu ani mami lulu ubay ubay bohol mn imung task.

Dhemz said...

adgitizing ko dire mami before ko manilhig sa mga dahon...mag guno nasad me ani ug orange.....haahaha....wala man jud si hubby kay manday nya sa airforce today....ugma rami maka laag....have a great weekend...mwah!

Joseph said...

Blogging for money is a profitable venture if you know what you are doing and educate yourself on the variety of ways it can be done. It does take some degree of knowledge in web information to be successful.

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