Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday AUNTIE

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My Sister Menmen of Life inTransition, is celebrating her birthday today. I hope you can have time to drop by her blog and wish her on her special day.

Menmen is my only biological family here in the US. We may be separated by 'states' but we are closer than ever. Well what's the use of cellphones of you can't "yak" with it? If we talked in cellphones we always run out of battery. It is always great to talk about anything and everything and yes we always end up talking about something on our childhood that makes us laugh hysterically..

I called her Auntie and she calls me Momsy. It's how our nephews and nieces calls us that is why. Just don't ask us who is older make a guess but beware lol

Anyway, Auntie happy birthday. I wish you good health and more blessings (to share). Thank you for all that you have done for our whole family. We love you....


teJan said...

heheh.. klaro oi kinsay maguwang! hahah joke! anyway yap..have to drop by sa birthday gurl! good day!

shydub said...

Happy Birthday Ate M. hehehe naki ate na rin ako mami lu.

Cacai M. said...

Happy birthday to your ate.. lechon please.. heheh..

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