Saturday, November 21, 2009

Expensive Glove

A rhinestone-studded, modified golf glove Jackson wore on his left hand when he premiered his trademark moonwalk dance in 1983 was auctioned for $350,000! The winning bidder is Hoffman Ma who will pay a total of $420,000 including tax and fees. Ma bought the glove on behalf of the Ponte 16 Resort Hotel in Macau.

Come to think of it... a glove worth $420,000..... hmmm I sometimes wonder why people will pay something as ridiculous as that!....... Oh well I am sure they have their reasons and besides they got the money so why not!!!!

Here's an article about it....
Jackson moonwalk glove sells for $350K in NYC


Bambie dear ★ said...

yeah i feel you.. pero ganun talaga, walang magawa sa pera lol.. maybe ill buy that too kung meron akong big business like hotel, attraction for my guests.. Mj is mj kasi,, only one.. (biased ba ako hehe)

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