Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do We Need Credit Cards?

Credit cards are universally accepted as form of payment. Credit card can be an invaluable source of money during emergencies like car repairs, medical emergencies or any other jams in life which are unexpected and unavoidable. Credit card offers conveniences that is very hard to resist. It offers extra security, quick identification and an easy way to get cash.

Do we really need a credit card? Owning a credit card is a personal choice and a personal decision that only yourself can determine if you need one. If you plan to use the card wisely, then you deserve to own the best credit cards that you can find. Owning a credit card should have limitations of use because having a credit card can lead to impulse buying or overspending.

Some credit cards have very high interest rates and annual fees. It is important to compare credit cards before you decide which one you should apply. You need to take some time to analyze and consider the pros and cons of each credit card.

Always bear in mind that if you have a credit card, you need to manage your spending wisely and let your common sense prevail when it comes to using your credit card for unnecessary purchases.


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