Monday, November 16, 2009

Baseball Tickets

I never thought that I would become a baseball fan. I didn't grew up watching baseball. In the Philippines, the most famous sport is basketball. I was a big basketball fan. I watched live games almost every weekend. When I move here in the USA, I was amazed at how Americans are so into sports. There's baseball, basketball, soccer and of course there is football! It was only here in the USA where I can say that fans here are really crazy. They go beyond the ordinary. There are many fans that would wear weird costumes for the sake of their favorite team.

My sister and her husband who are big Yankee fans, invited us to watch baseball with them at the new Yankee Stadium. They already have their Yankee Stadium tickets for next year. Should we accept their offer, she said it won't be a problem because she can easily purchase a ticket for us. Since they are very big Yankee fans, I teased her that perhaps we need to buy Fenway Park tickets because I would rather watch the Boston Red Sox.

Anyway, when it comes to cheap tickets, you guys should check out because they provide premium seating to events without standing in line. They have access to The Masters Tickets which are always not available in public. If you are a golf fan, I am sure you can get a ticket for the Masters golf tournament through At, you can also buy cheap Wrigley Field tickets and watch the Chicago Cubs on action on their home field.


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