Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trip to Mobile, Alabama... Confirmed!

Yes!!!! It is now confirmed and final! We are going to Mobile this weekend. We will be there for a week and we will be staying no less than the Holiday Inn!

This trip is a good timing since Mischa will be having a knee surgery next week. I will really be glad to help her out. I know she is not suppose to get up a lot so I will be there if she needed something.

This trip will be an opportunity for us to be on a road trip, to see Mischa and yes to enjoy the swimming pool in the holiday inn if it is not too cold out there. I am sure Andrea will have a blast.

As for the blogging, hmmm laptop is always handy and my internet connection is wireless and I can use it anywhere in the USA, so of course... I will still be blogging!!!! (Shhhh I am just but an addict


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