Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Night @ Lotlot's

We agreed to have dinner at Lotlot's. We used to hang out at Lotlot's before but since she is now living farther from us, hanging out at her place is rare now. But tonight, we decided to get together, eat dinner and play cards.

I had fun. It has been a while that we were at Lotlot's without any occasion just plain hanging out. Andrea enjoyed the company of the big kids too. They played together. It was so cute to see Christine feeding Andrea with rice and soup and then giving her something to drink.

Thanks Lot for picking us up and for the wonderful dinner. Thanks Ate Angie for bringing us home!

I really enjoyed it tonight! Hope to have a repeat in the next few weeks.


teJan said...

It's nice have someone to be with!

Anne said...

Tong-its jud mi...waaaah! bibo jud to for sure heheh!

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