Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fill-ins #11

Serendipity we go!

1. I have a history of being stalked. (Hubby won the stalking contest! lol)

2. Making money through stock market is something I wish I knew.

3. I recently ate Beef Fajitas @ El Cazador Mexican Restaurant.

4. I love being on the road.

5. So that's it, that's as easy as 1,2,3!.

6. What you have right now is better than nothing!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to rest early ( I need energy for tomorrow's party), tomorrow my plans include watching LSU vs Georgia game, then attend a Filipino party afterwards and Sunday, I want to cut hubby's hair!


Tammy said...

I cut my hubby's hair too. I always procrastinate until he starts looking shaggy.
Have a great weekend.

Snowbell said...

I'm with you on #2

Here's mine

Diana_CT said...

Have fun at the party tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Chie Wilks said...

great answers sis..maglaway man sad ta sa imong gkaon..congats to ur hubby dear for winning ur heart... answer #6 is so true, we should just be grateful of what we have right now

Marice said...

same here on #2 :)

happy weekend sis!

mine is up too

Jac said...

We love being on the road !!! pareho tau lalo na pag maganda ang weather at ako ang nag da-drive feeling ko ako ang boss sa araw na yun lol...

Happy weekend :p

rjs mama said...

wish i know #2 also. happy weekend :)

Sheress said...

Party I love to party so have fun. My husband is philipian and I really wish I knew hot to cook some dishes. So enjoy your weekend and feel free to stop by.

Dawn said...

Your weekend plans sound great! Thanks for visiting my page!

Us said...

Dalia ra nkapost ug FFI ahhh. maayo gyud mo stlk d i nisi pareng david ha. Lafang na sd d i this weekend, kahayahay sa life mo mother.

Clarissa said...

Have fun at the party,Mommy Lulu!!Glad to hear that you have pinoy friends there in your area.Dito sa amin,isa lang ang kakilala ko.

I love being on the road,too!!^_^

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Did you need me, Lulu?

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I'm sorry, Lulu. I just found out it was Grace Fancubit who left the message on my cbox, telling me she needs me to answer her (mistakenly using your url.)

IMCurtain said...

Nice sharing!

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chubskulit said...

I love the number 6 MommyLu hehehe.

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Cacai M. said...

hoizzt.. ga-cut diay ka og hair? ako ky magtuon pah.. gus2 ko makabalo og cut sa hair sa laing individual, so far, ga-straight ra ko og putol but if akoa, kabalo ko pero dogay lagi mahoman.. heheh.. gus2 ko makabalo para ako na mag-cut sa hair sa akong bana. cool!

here's my fill-ins

Dhemz said... dave diay naka!

woi, mami kumusta man ang party galore nato gahapon?

mana ka ug alot diha? hehehhehe!

musta na mami? karon lang jud ko nakag wara wara sa blog land kay busy akong life gahapon woi....did some domestic lagi ning yaya!

agi ko dire kadali....mag sugod ko drop in a moment....adios!

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