Friday, October 23, 2009

Build Dreams with Gimmepleez


When I look at Andrea, I am amazed at how time flew by so fast. She is now almost two years old yet it seems like it was only yesterday that I gave birth to her. Sometimes, I wonder if will I ever give her a good future? Will I ever be able to send her to college of her choice? These are questions that I wish I can answer and I hope that when the time comes, I can provide.

Anyway, I am starting to save for Andrea's college education fund. It is better to start saving for college when the kids are still young because it will give us more time to save. I created an account at Gimmepleez for this project. Gimmepleez is a community where dreams become a reality. By creating an account at Gimmepleez you can create a profile, link your savings account and invite your friends to check your profile and donate. Friends and family can donate for Andrea's college education instead of giving her Christmas gifts or Birthday gifts. I think that this idea is more significant and Andrea can use it in the future.

Do you have something you dream about? Become a member of Gimmepleez and build your profile. Tell the community how much you need for your dream to be realized. Invite your friends and family to donate to help you achieve your dream. Gimmepleez is all about making your dreams come true!



Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo...d na taka mareach mami....super busy man diay kaau ka sa opps woi....mabuang ko bayot...hehehe...

ako raman siguro ang pusoy kaau today...ahhahaha!

Dhemz said...

asa naman ang tag-iya dire? hehehehe

labay ko dire kadali mami...karon lang me nag abot gikan kuha sa akong pasaporte....tuod nana mo sa sa mobile ron?

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