Saturday, September 5, 2009

We are Going Fishing!

Lake Purdy

Yes we decided to go fishing at Lake Purdy. Since Dave got off work early last night, we went to Walmart to get our fishing license. We got our license to fish which cost $12/year. It is not bad to pay this amount for a year. Who knows we might enjoy fishing that we will fish often.

Well, the big problem with fishing.... I am scared of worms. Live worms will be our bait but Dave said he is gonna put the bait for me. If I will be the one to put the bait, fishing won't be possible. Mom Lori offered to keep Andrea while we are going fishing so, it will just be Dave and me. I hope we can catch big fish because I will surely eat whatever we can catch. Dave is joking with me that perhaps we will make our own dried fish and I told her sure that way the neighbors will be picketing in our front door protesting of the smell... lol

Anyway, I am excited because this will be our first fishing trip....


Clarissa said...

That's great!! Going into fishing is fun!!The kids,myself and my FIL went into fishing last year.Sana makapunta uli kami!Have fun,dear!!^_^

chubskulit said...

Wowowow, ihuli mo ko ng isda MommyLu hehehe... Buti na lang madali kumuha ng license noh..


Dhemz said...

oh lala....another date na naman ito mami Lu...sos pagkalami sa inyo bonding ni Dave kay fishing man...pagda nalang ug pukot woi para no need to touch the!

enjoy fishing....bahala ug wala mabingwit basta you have fun bonding.....padal-e dayon ko ha pagmakabingwit ka....:)

good luck!....:)

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